Start your holiday on the right foot.

Start your holiday on the right foot. You’ve worked hard for months and you deserve a break. However, the process of packing your bags and getting to the airport can be a little more stressful than anticipated. Since you have to be at the airport for international travel at least three hours before departure that … Continue reading


Unique Limousine Opportunities

Unique Limousine Opportunities Why wait for a formal, wedding or birthday to hire a limousine, treat yourself and/or a loved one to a special treat. All Limo have a few unique limo occasions that you might want to try. First outing for new parents. After nine months of being pregnant and then another few months … Continue reading


Keeping the family together.

Keeping the family together. When the unexpected happens and you lose a loved one it can be a terrible time or sorrow and loss, however, you are still expected to organise a fitting send off to honour that person in your time of grief. Once you’ve organised the funeral details and the wake, one very … Continue reading


Get results!

Struggling to get the kids to concentrate on their studies, try some good old fashioned bribery. When school is almost out and all those years of study are represented by some exam results the pressure can be overwhelming. By giving your kids something to work towards it not only motivates them but can stop you … Continue reading


Don’t forget….

Your big day has arrived and your months of planning and organisation is coming together. You see your stretched limousine pull up ready to take you and your bridal party to the ceremony, eager to pop open a bottle of bubbly you step into the luxurious leather seats and sit back, relax and let your … Continue reading